Peaches's story
Peaches is a purebred Poodle, about 2 years old and around 10 pounds (need to weigh her). She came to us as a rescue from a hoarders home. Because dogs there were not spayed or neutered, she kept getting pregnant but all her babies died, each litter.
Before you fall in love with this cute young girl, we do need to let you know a few things.
She was pretty scared and disoriented when she first came to our shelter but she is great with other little dogs so we housed her inside with our other indoor dogs so she would be more comfy. She loves to run and play with the other dogs and does fine going out to potty with them all.
However, some circumstance in the past has taught this sweet girl that she needs to bite and bite hard (yes, you may need to go see your doctor) if she is uncomfortable with someone picking her up or if she gets too nervous with handling. She gives no warning other than slight body language (backing away, wanting to hide, head lowered) and then swiftly chomps down hard and purposefully. This is not a nippy dog; she is a biter. She does not growl, goes straight into a head whipping bite. A dog savvy person CAN appropriately read her subtle warning signals.
After she bites, she acts perfectly normal and friendly again, though she will beg for attention from a more trusted person and skirt around the one she was not comfortable with. She does not stay upset or angry, lets it go right away. She is NOT aggressive natured.
Peaches is a confusing combination of very friendly and affectionate, but with enough uncertainty and inexperience that she feels a swift bite is her only way to say NO! This poor darling obviously did not have the best of times in her early life and was not properly trained. She was probably raised in an environment in which she felt fearful and insecure except when with her favorite person.
Once she trusts you, she really is a wonderful pup, all wiggles and waggles and kisses and love. She adores lap sitting and being held once she trusts you. She wants to be close to people she loves all the time and cries so sadly when you leave. She is all adorable Poodle in these circumstances.
The person who pulled her from the hoarders home actually said she was a fabulous houseguest while she stayed with them in their foster home, about 4 days. Peaches was happy and friendly, great with her kids, and even seemed to be housetrained. Apparently, Peaches found everything there non-intimidating so that she did not feel defensive.
Peaches does have a nervous/anxious personality so may be feeling more overwhelmed in a busy kennel setting. We are totally kind and gentle with her, yet have still been bitten when needing to pick her up to put her back in her room. It may be that she is not used to being handled by men or had a bad experience with a man who was not as gentle as we are here. Her worst bite was when she had actually bounced around asking to be picked up by one of our men, but then bit once up only because she was transferred from one hand under her chest to another hand.
So, that is the scoop! Rather than labeling her as unadoptable, we want to see if some very experienced woman would like to take on this charming biter who really is sweet as a Peach, just needs training and rewiring of her thought process because of some bad past experience and a very bad habit of biting to deal with her insecurities and anxiety.
We do not want to give up on her yet since her foster mom said she was so wonderful and she spends most of her time being very sweet and tail wagging friendly.
But, anyone who is willing to give this girl a chance does need to understand that someone, somewhere WILL get a hard bite if they act too comfy with her too fast and make her feel scared and like she needs to tell them to back off. She does not know any better right now.
While she was great with the kids in her foster home, we do not want to put any children in harms way, so we would like her new home to be adults only. You never know when a child might grab her wrong, scaring her into biting.
Anyone willing to give this precious little mixed up girl a chance? She would love to have a new home with an adoring new human mommy and another friendly young dog to play with.
Adoption donation waived for this special needs girl.
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Please note that we do not ship animals. We also require a home visit before finalizing any adoptions so preference is given to applicants within a 90 mile range. You will be required to come to High Point, NC to meet/pick up your new pet.
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